Diabetic feet are prone to foot pain and are at higher risk for cuts and bruises. That's why many doctors recommend yearly foot exams for their patients. You may need to have them checked more than once a year if your feet are constantly bothering you.

One thing your doctor can do is prescribe a pair of shoes for people with diabetes. These shoes have been proven to relieve discomfort and reduce the chances of a more serious problem in the near future.

This discomfort, which many diabetics feel in their feet, is caused by poor circulation or nerve damage. You can buydiabetic shoes onlineto make your life more comfortable.

Shoes for diabetics are specially designed for comfort and function. They usually have extra space around the toes in general, making them very comfortable. The extra space not only makes it comfortable but also helps prevent ulcers by allowing moisture to dry faster and reducing friction between the shoe and the foot.

The soles are usually made to order with rubber nails. These rubber spikes massage your feet with every step. Massaging their feet throughout the day helps increase blood circulation in the feet and keeps them at peak levels.

Unfortunately, there is a slight problem with shoes for diabetics. These types of shoes are usually not available at your local department store. Special shoes for diabetes are usually only available with a doctor's prescription. If you are diabetic, it is advisable to talk to your pediatrician. They can tell you what type of shoe is best for your condition.